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Key Bookkeeping Skill Sets

Five Key Skills A Qualified Quickbooks Consultant Should Have

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  1. Tax Training and Expertise to ensure your work starts off correctly and ends up where the tax accountant can effortlessly prepare the taxes without doubt, hesitation, lengthy questioning or omitted data.
  2. Bookkeeping knowledge and accounting basics sufficient to recognize when an accounting event occurs and how to properly classify each for tax purposes,
  3. Computer operations using Windows, housekeeping and security protection,
  4. Income taxes to properly categorize bookkeeping transactions specifically for your tax entity,
  5. QuickBooks software operations, time-savers, tricks, tips and traps.

At Provident, we’re competent in all five areas. That means your work will be free from material errors, omissions, tax mix-ups, mismatches, wrong classifications which might either cost you tax deductions or highlight you for a tax audit. You’ll get lower taxes and greater peace of mind knowing your work is performed to professional standards. Learn more about our qualifications.