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Mission and Values

Why Are a Bookkeeping Firm’s Mission and Core Values Important?

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The mission of a firm defines the higher purpose of the firm’s activities, while the core values describe the common character traits of the individuals and the collective culture of the firm.

Is a firm’s mission and culture fixated with it’s own self-interests and it’s own profitability, or rather dedicated primarily to serving the interests of it’s clients?

With the presence, dissemination and adherence to a firm’s mission statement and core values, new clients have a better insight into whom they will be entrusting the accomplishment of their mission-critical objectives.

Our Mission

To bring about a meaningful improvement for our clients.

Our Core Values

Pursuit of Excellence.

We maintain a passion for life-long learning, for implementing meaningful change, for nourishing relationships, for encouraging talent, for rewarding curiosity, courage and innovation, and for anticipation and fulfillment of our client’s unexpressed expectations.

Valuing Others.

We do not conduct our business for the purpose of pursuing exploitation, leverage, domination or manipulation of others by reason of their disadvantage or misfortune.

Authenticity and Integrity.

We realize that our own personal authenticity and integrity must form the foundation of valid and meaningful human interaction.

Responsibility for Leadership.

We understand and accept our duty for leadership in the disciplines for which our clients and courts rely upon our expertise and judgment for guidance, insight, perspective and direction.


We look beyond traditional thinking when we face new challenges to create innovative solutions, strategies and opportunities for our clients.

Mutual Respect.

We do not disparage, degrade nor devalue ourselves, our work, our intentions, our reputation, our value, nor condone others in doing so to us or to others.

Bettering Conditions.

We pursue our work on the premise that our highest purpose and greatest fulfillment derives from competent, effective and constructive service to others.