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Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor (CQP), QuickBooks qualified tutor and trainer, full-charge bookkeeper and expert in QuickBooks bookkeeping, set up, reconstruction, repair and job costing, single and multiple-user environments, desk-top and on-line versions of QuickBooks, from versions 2006 through 2009.

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What Provident Bookkeeping is All About

The Provident companies originate from a legacy founded in 1975 in Irvine, California with accounting and income tax services grounded in the principles of excellent cutting-edge work product, second to none, and regularly dominate our market place with stellar service, with intense personal attention. Those founding principles stand today as our fundamental core values and permanent policies, and serve to focus our vision to constantly achieve excellence through innovation, continuing professional education courses and seminars.

We recognize that those who chose to dominate their field have taken a higher road for greater responsibility and interactive involvement with the customers they serve. And we have been the welcome recipient of the good fortune that the adoption of those policies have had for us. The benefits and well being of our clients are our primary and focus, not a marketing slogan or catch phrase, but a woven into our basic constitution. Our basic value proposition is that we work very hard for the well being of our clients, and they, in turn, reward us accordingly. That implied covenant is the foundation of the American credo of business success.

Our care and concern for our clients has rewarded us with stellar clients, who appreciate our work as we appreciate their patronage. As it is with any professional, we often find ourselves solving problems that others could not, and in the process, resolve those issues while empowering our clients to choose to move forward on their own, our job being done so completely. That is our greatest satisfaction, knowing that we left our client self-sufficient and independent to pursue their dreams without the dependency upon continuing our services.

Provident Bookkeeping services is dedicated to provide QuickBooks bookkeeping services to small businesses in and surrounding the Orange County, California community. We respect our clients’ choice of income tax preparer, so we work with our clients’ preferred provider to make a seamless transition from bookkeeping to income tax preparation. We will not seek to undermine that relationship.

However, when our bookkeeping clients express their dissatisfaction with their tax preparer, we do offer income tax services under our full service firm, Provident Professional Services. We offer a federally-registered, California-registered and bonded tax accountant to provide tax services of the same quality and reliability as our bookkeeping firm. Those services include state-of-the-art handcrafted income tax planning, preparation, tax reduction, Audit Deterrence Measures™ and penalty avoidance measures and strategies.

We welcome your inquiries and questions, and look forward to an opportunity to hear more about your small business, its challenges and opportunities. Please call us at your slightest inclination. Our telephone consultation for your situation analysis and needs assessment is free and without obligation. Please ask for Kathy or Tom.