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Executive Summary
What We Do and What Results You Can Expect
Provident Bookkeeping Services is dedicated to making a meaningful and effective difference with QuickBooks for small and medium businesses in and surrounding Orange County, California.
How We Work for You
We custom tailor your QuickBooks set-up to match your small business type, your small business tax structure, the exact way your small business operates and your preferred management style. All this happens at your office, during an interactive, one-on-one personal work session using your live data while you watch, participate, ask questions and learn on the spot. That means that your financial reports (profit and loss, cash flow, etc.) from QuickBooks will be accurate, timely and relevant to your small business.  They will become a more meaningful and actionable management tool that you can use to improve the performance and productivity of your small business.
You Can Learn to Love Your Numbers
And, because of these improvements, our clients discover that they enjoy running their small business, and have more free time to pursue other activities. With proper set-up and training, you can see where your small business has been, predict where it’s going, and make changes you deem appropriate to steer your small business in the direction you prefer in the future.  You gain control by managing your small business "by the numbers" that you know you can trust.  All those benefits are available to you with the proper set-up and operation of QuickBooks for your small business and a few sessions with Kathy to show you how to use the financial statements to gain control of the future of your small business.
Team Players Focused on Your Priorities
We respect your clients’ choice of income tax preparer, so we work with your preferred provider to make a seamless transition from bookkeeping to income tax preparation.  We will not seek to undermine that relationship, or create other unnecessary distractions to your stated objectives.
We’re Available to You Now and Later
Whether you’re looking for a one-time quick fix or an on-going relationship, Kathy provides hands-on QuickBooks small business bookkeeping services on site to quickly get your small business properly set up, cleaned up and caught up. She provides on-site QuickBooks and bookkeeping tutoring in a patient and non-judgmental manner. Kathy is also available on an on-going basis for overview services, for regular checkups or year-end touch ups before tax time.  That means, once everything is caught up, Kathy is available for on-going small business bookkeeping and overview services to keep your small business bookkeeping work accurate and up to date. We often train your staff to perform the daily clerical functions.  That popular arrangement is often coupled with Kathy’s monthly overview services to perform other tasks, such as your bank reconciliations and act as a second pair of eyes on your books.  Many of our overview assignments are performed at flat price basis.
Free Cell Phone Accessibility
Between assignments, and when she is out of the office, Kathy is directly accessible by cell phone to clients for quick questions or updates.  We do not surcharge for this service to our clients.
How Kathy’s Competence and Judgment Get Results
Kathy has earned her professional bookkeeping designation from Intuit, Inc. as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  She is a professional senior-level full-charge small business bookkeeper with over 30 years experience in providing credible, accurate and thorough small business bookkeeping services for managing your small business and coordinating with your tax preparer to CPA standards. Kathy understands accounting thoroughly and from a conceptual basis, so she knows how to solve problems from that fundamental basis.  She has a mastery of QuickBooks software that matches her understanding of accounting principles.  That means, she has the theoretical and practical basis of solving accounting and bookkeeping problems with practical solutions that you can implement in your small business.
Moving Beyond Taxes to Improve Profitability
Beyond support for yearly tax preparation, you can see which activities are producing higher profits, and which activities should be scaled back.  You’ll know how much you’re spending on what, and how efficiently your expenditures are working for you.  You’ll also be able to see which expenses should be increased for better utilization of your cash outflow.
Track and Manage Your Job and Product Costs
If your company is job-oriented, you will see which projects are most profitable, where the costs are concentrated, how to more accurately bid work, and how to track costs in real time compared to your estimates.  If your company manufactures or sells products or provides services, you can track and manage your production costs and overhead expenses. You have immediately access to information to possibly prevent a financial disaster before it happens.  You will be controlling your small business ahead of the curve instead of finding out after it’s too late. This approach of running your small business "by the numbers" is how to successful small business owners manage their profitable small businesses. They "know their numbers."  When you know your numbers, you will be able to control your costs and increase your profitability and cash flow.
Hate QuickBooks?  Give It A New Chance to Change Your Mind.
If you hate QuickBooks now, you will love QuickBooks after Kathy shows you how easily you will clearly see your small business in a new light.  It is surprisingly easy and quick – only if your small business is properly set up on QuickBooks.  Kathy will show you how to understand and act upon your QuickBooks small business reports so you will be able to gain control and manage your small business to maximize your profitability and cash flow.
How to Get Started Right Away
We can usually get started right away.  Kathy will schedule a meeting with you at your office to review your situation and QuickBooks file.  She’ll go over with you what needs attention and estimate the work involved.  Once you’re more familiar with QuickBooks, you may be pleased to learn that you may want to do some of the work yourself to save time and money.  If that appeals to you, Kathy will coach you through that, too. She’ll go over many options on how you can resolve the situation, including task-sharing with you or your staff, and suggest clerical-level contractors we have trained to do the data entry work if you prefer to have this work done for you.  She’ll be available throughout this process to overview the work and ensure it’s being done properly.  The point is, you’ll have options to choose from, not just "one size fits all" approach.
Considering Coordinated Income Tax Preparation?
If you’re considering an upgrade in your income tax preparation services, we’re available to provide income tax services in a coordinated manner, so you’ll be sure that nothing gets dropped out or misunderstood between the bookkeeper and the tax accountant.  Our coordinated income tax service also provides the benefits of the same attention to detail and careful craftsmanship that stands us apart from the usual "tax-mills."
Benefits Beyond Ordinary Income Tax Preparers
Our coordinated income tax service offers proactive Audit Deterrence Measures™, penalty avoidance strategies, and tax reduction strategies for you. Tom is a California registered and bonded tax professional, and knows how to take full advantage of legal opportunities for you while safeguarding your best interests by refusing to embark on reckless and questionable adventures that sacrifice your peace of mind. Tom’s tax practice remains a manageable size so that his clients receive priority treatment, fast response and patient attention to detail, even during the height of tax season.  He insists on keeping his clients worry-free and out of harm’s way by meticulous follow up and careful documentation. Your tax returns will be complete and comprehensive in their preparation and presentation, so taxing agencies will have all the required information immediately at their disposal should they come to review your income tax return in consideration for audit.  When taxing agencies see the high degree of care and thoroughness in your tax return, they’ll take that into consideration when determining whether to move ahead and audit your returns, instead of someone else whose tax preparer was employing the old "hide the ball" strategy, cutting corners and playing "audit roulette." Simply ask about our income tax services if you’re interested in learning more about how the coordinated approach will benefit you, your business, your cash flow and your peace of mind.